MegaStorage Media Asset Management provides cataloging, sharing and management of brand assets across global markets via the web.

MegaStorage is Unique Among Media Asset Management Systems
Graphic interface is customized to meet the exact needs of your company
Immediate downloading in five different resolutions
Each image is accompanied with a history of past use
User-friendly intuitive, graphically oriented interface
Storage space is calculated according to your real needs
Installed at your facilities or hosted by us

Valuable strategic assets as marketing collateral, product photos, and other forms of digital images must be protected, while at the same time, made available to people who need them to market and sell your company's products.

Whether your application is marketing, photography management, or web image production, the MegaStorage system was designed to make digital asset management, production and deployment easier. Content can be aggregated from multiple sources, viewed, edited, tracked and made available on demand, regardless of location.

MegaStorage can either be installed at your facilities, or hosted on ours, either way completely under your control.

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